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Totally worth the
morning sickness!!!!
So everyone knows that shortly after we moved to Texas, I was unable to continue blogging. It was a mixture of lots of things, all good! I had such an AMAZING community in Tyler that I was mostly "talked out" by the end of the day. I also had lots of life changing moments:

  • A general displacement from moving across the country for the first time with three kids 3 and under. SO glad I never have to do that again!! ;)
  • A brand new addition to our family who is as cute as she is chubby.
  • The addition of homeschool for my oldest. That was actually kind of awesome. I miss it a lot but life started to pull me in a different direction!

  • My volunteer work: I volunteered for our farmer's market, ran a foodclub out of my house, and I volunteered for a couple other non-profits in town.

At the end of last year, Jason and I were scratching our heads trying to figure out how to remedy the problem of money. Our problem is that we didn't have any! The only solution was to get rid of our stupid student loan payment, which wasn't happening anytime soon. (Go ahead - ask me my opinion on college debt. I dare you.) 

So, after realizing that I spent as much time volunteering as I could working a real job to earn real money instead of free veggies at the market (though I never tire of free food!!!) I started looking for work-from-home opportunities online using my past experience as a secretary (PC: administrative assistant, executive assistant). I found a ton of companies who contract out to the lowest bidder and I spent TWO MONTHS bidding on jobs with hourly rates in the single digits and still lost every one of them to some dude in Singapore who would do jobs for less than a dollar an hour. 

I finally made the decision before Christmas to just go for it and start my own business!! I launched my website in the beginning of January and it has taken off since. I decided that I am of more value to my family contributing to our family income rather than saving money by homeschooling. I'm loving every minute of the work I do too.  I have realized that I love doing the work that the average person can't stand!!

I am always looking for new clients so I want to make sure you all know what I can do and can help me spread the word! Here are a few examples of what I do and who I work with:


Seriously, I work with anyone who needs any kind of help. I do document preparation, website design, bookkeeping, file organization, social media marketing, consulting for start-ups, proofreading and editing, etc. I have clients who range from engineers to farmers. I work with business who have staff or small-business owners who just work on their own. I work with writers, bloggers, overwhelmed moms, small-business start-ups, online storefronts and everything in between.

The way it works is that people purchase a package of hours and let me when they have a need. I take care of it, subtract that from their total hour package and then we keep going. 
  • I'm not on your payroll
  • You don't pay for my health insurance 
  • You only purchase and use what you need
  • No minimum or maximum of monthly/yearly work ever!

Just for fun, if you have anyone in mind who you think would benefit by working with a virtual assistant, send them my email address: lisa@virtualdeskassistant.com and this blogpost with a coupon for 25% their first 10 hour package! They will get a free consultation with me to chat about needs and to make sure I can help them out first.

Thank you everyone for helping me to reach out far and wide to expand my new company!!!

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