Theme Thursday: Green

Spring is upon us!!!  We have been taking full advantage before the Texas heat scares this Yankee back north.  I just grabbed my camera and snapped pictures of a couple things I found in our own backyard:

A monkey hanging in a tree...naturally...

Roman's lunch...

A menacing dinosaur

Of course - a streaker...

It was such a beautiful day, we took a trip to the store to buy a ton of sand for the fort!  Damn that stuff is heavy.  I ended up pushing 270 lbs of sand+baby+wetdiapers through Lowe's.  And of course I parked right at aisle 1.  The sand was located on Aisle End of the Earth right at the intersection of Aisle Sweating Bullets and Aisle Can't Breathe.

But the kids haven't been inside the house since breakfast.  $20 sand for the win!


  1. You had me at "of course- a streaker".

  2. The wet diaper probably accounted for 90% of that load!

  3. There is just too much great here to pick one. But if I have to I will go with the dinosaur. Because he is so menacing I wouldn't want to anger him.

  4. Dude, come visit us, and your kids will be in sand heaven at the beach all day!

    No really...when are you coming?

  5. don't you just hate it when dinosaurs take over your back yard?

  6. My gosh your yard is gorgeous! Looks like the sand was worth the effort...

  7. I'm so jealous of your back yard! I love it! We have a large yard, but because of all the rain it has turned into mostly swamp. Oh....a swamp is green! Maybe I have something green after all! lol Love your pictures and your kiddos are adorable. $20.00 of sand is totally worth it!

  8. Your last paragraph made me laugh out loud! I love the dinosaur shot the best. :)


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