First Birthday Party Weekend

Someone had a birthday!!!!

The kids were so excited to give Roman his silly monster that we did it right after he woke up.

Actually that was the second thing. There was something we did RIGHT after he woke up...

Happy Birthday Kid.  And done.

Just kidding.

I put up a post on Freecyle asking for a push car and scored two toys that Roman has been playing with non-stop.  

We had a fantastic party weekend with family.  Thank God they all came to my house because I was completely out of commission with allergies yesterday.  Spent the entire day toting around tissues and feeling my way through the house through squinty eyelids.

And the party came together perfectly..

once we brought out the BALLOONS!!!

I had no idea my husband had been hiding his balloon tying skills from me for all these years.

We had swords,


and even huge narwhals!!!

The birthday kids got spoiled big time

And Roman got this awesome and thoughtful gift from his godparents!!! 
Pictures of  St. Roman and St. Felix

And of course - Cake!!!

Roman still has a severe egg allergy and I am also trying to avoid grains with him for a couple more months, so I made these grain-free Chocolate Cookie Cups and just make a couple without egg for him.  I topped them with a variation of the strawberry cream on that recipe and this Chocolate Frosting recipe.

2 cans of Thai Kitchen full fat coconut milk
2 tbsp honey
2-4 tbsp pure maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups strawberries

Cook the strawberries, honey and maple syrup.  Add vanilla extract and blend with immersion blender.  Open the cans of coconut milk and put in your fridge overnight.  In the morning, scrape the hard coconut milk into a bowl.  Add the strawberry syrup a little at a time to keep the consistency thick until the flavor is good.  (Use the rest of the syrup in oatmeal or on pancakes!!)

Why did I bother posting that recipe??  Because you need to make it.  Weekly.  For real.



My favorite photos of the day are from when my niece Ramona munched on her mini muffin.  She had some frosting dripping down her face and tried her very best to lick it

But she missed ;)

Oh - and I didn't serve those to the adults.  We had the "real dessert:"

Crockpot Hot Fudge Sundae

And the ice cream maker turned into a sprinkle dispenser only.  After we realized our bowl should be frozen 12 hours ahead of time.  

Still a success!!

And now excuse me while I try to neti-pot my allergies into submission.


  1. You are the best party planner ever! When are you going to sell those love monsters? I can't believe Jason can make balloon animals...what can't that man do?

  2. My favorite part of this post is all of the strategically placed hands and ducks. Roman has mastered something that celebrities can not.

  3. happy 1st birthday big guy! (ps I want that crockpot hot fudge with ice cream on now)

  4. happy birthday. I love that gift from the godparents. we are going to be godparents next week and that would be an awesome gift. where did the pictures come from? A store/site? I need st. damian...perhaps I could just print it out from the internet? whats printed in the middle?


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