The Great Texas State Fair

Miraculously, we turned on my computer the other day and it actually worked!!!  The keyboard and mouse are fried, but the thing actually boots up and is usable.  Amazing!

We are officially in our new house and we are absolutely loving it.  More on that later.  But for now:

In order to power up for the long moving process, we thought a trip to Dallas for some fuel would be appropriate.  Texas State Fair here we come!!

We drove to Dallas and took the train to meet our family.

And we immediately went to check out the food!!!

Terribly awkward photo - I apologize family

Look at those options!!
Twisted Tater
Stubby's Cinnamon Rolls
Fried Green Tomatoes
Going Banansas
Crepe Crazy

I'm only in it for the funnel cake.  Apparently, Elena is only in it for the powdered sugar.  That's all I let her have of my funnel cake anyway.

Let's just say the funnel cake made a few different appearances at our table

First stop: the gondola to survey the rides.  And we needed a slow ride to get us across the grounds so we didn't get a cramp after all that funnel cake.  We wouldn't want to burn any of those precious calories prematurely would we??  We're saving them for the move!

That was when I heard a squeal of excitement from the other side of the gondola.  I looked over and Jason had the biggest smile on his face.  He was shrieking with delight at the sight of all the rides!!!

I've been married to the guy for over 5 years and I had no idea he got so excited at the fair?!

I mean, everyone else was having fun and there was definite excitement to be had by all...

...But Jason was really over the top.  He turned into a small child and demanded to ride every ride in sight.

Some other highlights:

We washed down our funnel cakes with ice cream and cotton candy.  OH YEAH!!!!

Okay, I have to highlight the pretend "Farm Experience" a la Walmart

First you pick up your bag of feed...from a giant bucket of corn???

Feed the chickens a healthy smattering they relax in their coop...  Lucky chickens!

We did find some vegetables

We snuck the vegetables in the feed buckets for the goats instead of corn.  We are like farm rebels.  And we messed up the clean-up routine for the fair workers.  Sorry guys...

Aside from yelling loudly "Chickens don't eat CORN!" once or twice and asking the feed person, "Is this corn GMO-free???", I did leave it alone and just let the kids have fun.  Seriously - a farm experience sponsored by Wal-mart.  What do you expect...

And these photos are just so Jason can retain some semblace of manhood:

And thanks to all that deliciously rotten food and too much activity, I deserved my bout with mastitis the next night.  Was it worth it?????  For funnel cake?  Without a doubt...YES!


  1. Omg, Jason and I are like soulmates without the romance. Just seeing those pictures got me all atwittered. I love funnel cake, but heard mastitis hurts a lot, you poor thing. Can't wait to see the new house!!

  2. Your children are sooo cute and lovable, thanks for sharing!


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