Crying over spilled water

I work hard to be a "Glass Half Full" kind of person.  I believe staying positive in light of adversity is part of the secret to a happy life.  Of course faith plays the dominant role of keeping us happy.  But even faith couldn't save a day like yesterday.

After a night of no sleep while Roman nursed his way through a high fever, I was still required to stay on duty.  I'm like the mailman.  But not even really because I can't leave my vehicle unmanned and hop out at my own leisure.  I get such dirty looks.  Even when I leave the windows cracked???

Anyway, even though I try to stay glass half full, I draw the line when said water glass is completely empty and ALL OVER MY COMPTUER.

death.  despair.  wailing and gnashing...

Captain. Destructo.

Gone are the good ole days.  I barely know what to do with my hands anymore??

I suppose I should pick up a book or something.  But instead I'll just budget out toilet paper and save up for a new computer.

I was so rattled from my afternoon without mindless facebook chatter and so fatigued from a night without sleep that I lazily glanced at the clock - 7:58pm - and announced BEDTIME a little more chipper than I should have.  

Sidenote: When I lived with my sister many years ago, I always wondered why bedtime was her husbands "job".  My 18-year-old mind wondered why she didn't want to give her six small children their last hug and kiss for the night, gently tuck them into their beds and sweetly say "Goodnight kids!" 
Well...let's just say a little time and experience has...uh...enlightened me.  

Anyway, continuing on to bedtime.  I threw the three little monsters into their beds, speed-talked prayer time, spit-blew some kisses, and screamed I love you as I slammed the door and ran to the fridge for some wine.  

They'll live.

An hour and half later, Jason walked through the door after a long day at work.  He immediately asked, "Are the kids in bed already?"

Me: "Heck yeah!  It's 9:30!  Why are you home so late?

Him: "Honey, it's 8:17."

Me: "Uh...Seriously???..."

And so concluded our 2nd worst day in Texas so far.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel though.  And it is NOT in the shape of a ~800 sq. ft. 2-bedroom rental...

We close on our new house bright and early tomorrow morning and will be fully moved in within a week :)

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on the house!!!!!! I love the picture of captain destructo running away! I can so relate to bad days. Things are looking up! Ship some of the kids to austin for a couple days so we have playmates and you can settle in. You can do that right? There should be some sort of shipping kids service.

  2. YAY for the move and OMG ur night beats my night....hands down. Have you checked for a cheapie pc on creaigslist? The netbooks are going for under $100 now i think.

  3. I do that at bedtime when my hubby is away and my kids did not even destroy a laptop! Enjoy a good glass of wine. Sorry about the computer, but congrats on the house!!!

  4. Oh wow congrats on the house! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics!

  5. Congrats on the house!! And I'm with you on the bedtime tip. I happily pass that labor of love off to Ken every chance I get.

  6. The house is great! Congrats.

    One time Greg and I put the kids to bed and were hanging out on the couch trolling for our favorite show, nothing was on it was so weird. We finally looked at the clock, it was 6. As in pm. Yep, we'd put the kids to bed a good 2 hours early. We were so proud.

    Hey, in our defense it was winter time and was very dark.

  7. Woot woot! Nice house, and a nice big yard!! You're so close to being back to normal again...hang in there!

  8. You have a happy and big family, the house is is nice, so big!


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