Birth order issues sort themselves out...

When you are the youngest of three children, by virtue of the birth order, you are automatically gifted a gene that helps you come out swinging.  

Life is less frolicking in the swiss alps while singing in harmony with your siblings....

and more balancing precariously on a wood block while reciting Wax on...Wax off.

You have to be on your toes constantly and prepared for anything

Danger is popping out of every corner

One can never be too prepared.

That is why he is adamant on learning how to balance himself in an upright position.  The older siblings are less frightening when you can see them coming at you.

Well that's not true - the older siblings are still just as scary even when you are in an upright position...

Rome wasn't built in a day buddy...

He also needs to bulk up so he has the energy to fend off danger

And after much training and practice 

He claims the VICTORY!!!!

PS - If you could spare a prayer or two for the speedy sale of our home we would appreciate it greatly (and my liver thanks you)


  1. What the heck was he eating?? He is going to be one tough and well-loved little boy!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a sweetie pie!
    Prayers for you and the house? Anything new on that front?

    1. Oops, the prayers was a statement not a question :)

  4. Love the one of Elena feeding him. He is scary identical to Leo. What? Are they twins separated by a few years ?


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