Gratuitous post about #3

In an effort to spread the love equally between my 3 children, I have decided to do a post entirely about Roman!

1) He looks just like my nephew Michael - which makes sense because people are constantly confusing his sister Monica for me!  (I wish....maybe 50 lbs and 10 years ago!)

Michael is the one on the right

Monica and I used to look a lot alike but now there is just a close resemblance

I WISH I had some baby photos of Michael but I still haven't found them in my stash.  But the resemblance even as babies is spot on!  And Roman is going to be one good-lookin teen :)

2) This kid has the cutest double chin ever.  If you look closely at the picture below, you could draw a line from the top of his lips down to the bottom right and all that pokes out is the tiniest little chin bubble.  It just makes me happy to look at it...

3) He is the smiliest, happiest baby ever.  He is slowly beginning to love being bombarded by Leo and Elena instead of getting freaked out when they come near him.  He just stares at them all day with a big smile on his face.

Actually - he still gets a little freaked out when Elena rolls on through.  She's loud...and scary...

4) He really is the easiest baby ever.  If he is crying or fussing, all it takes is a little attention from someone in the family and he is quick to smile back! 

5) He is super easy to get down to sleep.  He does wake up a lot at night - maybe 3-4 times?  But getting him back to sleep is as easy as nursing him and he's immediately happy.  We co-sleep right now and the only negative is that he'll wake up and start throwing his arms around.  This means that every morning, I wake up to tiny hands tickling my armpits...

6) He loves his siblings, but his best friend is definitely his fist.

7) White does nothing for his complexion.  I think he has more of a winter skin tone.

Hey - I didn't say they were "important things" about Roman!!!

8) I am most excited about the tiniest little dimple on the left side of his lips.  It is so hard to photograph but it is there!! It is more of a tiny indentation than a traditional dimple.  And it makes me happy

9) He much prefers standing up to sitting or lying down and is already rocking out in his exersaucer.



  1. LOL! You need to take him to Beauticontrol to get his colors done!

  2. The jungle gym pic reminds me of our house. Claire is always SMOTHERED with love, and it doesn't always end very pretty. :)

  3. I can't believe how much he looks like Mike VZ!!! Amazing.

  4. hahah his best friend is his fist.... classic! He is wonderful! And you are such a great mommy!

  5. He looks so chubby in that last picture - good heavy cream momma! I want to smoosh his cheeks and little dimple all day. And he does look like his cousin, and you do look like your niece! That is wild. You guys have some strong genes!!

  6. He is so adorable! And he really does look like your nephew!!!!


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