Physics 101

The other day, when Leo was gathering every pillow in the house to build a fort, he came up with a great idea: A Pillow Slide!!!  So he strategically placed all the pillows lining the stairs and climbed to the top.

He sat at the top and launched himself down the steps. 

thudding down them one... 

15 minutes of hard work

For the most anti-climactic moment ever.

And the biggest pile-up ever!!!

Leo consulted with the Princess...

And the King, but neither could engineer a solution for him.

Now, I am no stranger to stair-sliding.  I've tried every form of it and have sustained many injuries.  I even experienced a major flashback when I saw this pile of pillows and had to fight the urge to take a running jump.  I regret that missed opportunity...

As a parent, it is my duty and obligation to teach my children the proper art of stair-sliding.  The only item you need is a cheap sleeping bag.

Ready for blast-off!


I don't know if I'm a parent fit for homeschooling.  I would write this one off as a lesson in Physics


  1. I hope I come up with awesomely cool ideas when my guy gets a bit older. All I can do now is show him how to make a trumpet out of a paper towel roll. hehe :)

  2. good to know that you're teaching your kids the skills they need to have a proper childhood.

  3. Life lessons like that are priceless!

  4. I don't come up with any ideas but my kids do. they are infinitely light years ahead of my poor frazzled pregnancy cell lost brain. Its scary. They do they same thing too with pillow sliding. They also one day collected all the balnkets and pillows in the house making a giant pile at the bottom and jumped from the top of the stairs onto the pile--fun until someone got hurt.

    they go one step furher and take sofia's toddler mattress and use that to slide on down the stairs. I took a video of it on my blog a few weeks back if you want to see.


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