Jack of All Trades...Master of One!

We're having a bit of a celebratory weekend around here!!!!!


Allow me to 'splain you something:

In the space of 5 years, Jason and I got married

we have lived in three different places:

I have been pregnant 3 times...
The first one was a wee bit rough...

Which resulted in the birth and subsequent responsibility for 3 ridiculously cute kids...

and among many other noteworthy accomplishments (see blogposts 1-578)


We are so excited!!!  Since his graduation in May 2007, he has been taking distance learning classes through Franciscan University to complete his Master's Degree in Theology.  I'm so proud of him!  So proud, in fact, that yesterday, I took three small children on a whirlwind tour of our area to pick up some treats for Jason.  When we celebrate something big like this accomplishment, we go all out!!

First stop: The local butcher.  He asked what I wanted.  I shrugged and said, "Surprise me with something awesome.  I want my husband to go into an *Old 96er beef steak coma."  He grinned wildly and disappeared.

When he returned, I threw him a $20, and he threw me this!

I believe a proper serving size is about a deck of cards - or a phone!
4 lbs of AWESOME!!!!!  (estimated - I forgot to measure!)

Plus 2 lbs of awesomer: Exploded Potatoes from our local sandwich joint
Throw these on your Bucket List - they're THAT good!!  (and impossible to duplicate at home - we've tried!!!!)

He deserves a bit of indulgence for 5 years of work!!!!

Topped off with a peach pie from our local baker!!

We completed our feast without sharing any with the kids thanks to a little Toy Story 2 action :)  And we both passed out by 9:30 ....

Congratulations honey.  I am so proud of you!!!!

You call someone with a PhD, Doctor.  

So it stands to reason he should be called Master Gale.

* Old 96er reference explained: (And sadly no - Roman was not named after Dan A.)


  1. congrats jason!

    (i'm getting online time by putting winnie the pooh on for daniel.)

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  4. Oops, I wrote under my hubby's account! haha! Congratulations, Jason! That's awesome and exciting! :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps- you really do make 3 adorable kids. OMG 5 years? That's it?! You guys are not kidding about this babymaking :)

  6. Yay Jason! Excuse me, master Jason ! We are in md if you guys are free on Tuesday?

  7. Congrats to Jason - and I am dying over this picture of Elena with the banana!


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