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Okay - it's baby week around here.  In anticipation of the baby's "timely" arrival, here is a list of the top 7 things I absolutely cannot WAIT for!!!  I'm not a big pregnancy person, but I love me some babies.  

(This will probably be my last post for a couple days since Jason is heading out for a retreat weekend with his Youth Group (don't worry - he's less than 30 minutes away).  But if you find yourself having a tough weekend, rest-assured, I'm probably right there with you!!)

Countdown to the top 7 things I cannot wait for!!!

7) Okay so I don't pretend like I'll ever look like her.  But rather than focus on her body, just look at her smiling face while she contorts her legs.  I'm SOOO close to being able to sit without squinting in pain.  And look at the title: "Crunch" - Just the thought of one of those makes me cry.  But soon I'm going to be able to do those again!!!!

Shoot - I'm going to be able to sit down gracefully and even be able to get out of the car without waking the entire neighborhood from my groaning.  I can't wait!!!

39 weeks, 5 days today!

6) Sleep - both for me and the baby!  I could watch babies sleep and never get bored.  We do an abbreviated co-sleeping thing since I nurse on-demand which means tons of snuggles for me and baby.

Leo - 2 months old

Jason and Leo (1 month old)

My husband is blissfully unaware of "camera angles" and quickly snapped this photo which has always been one of my favorites.  I was always too embarrassed to showcase it, but with a little cropping here and there, it's almost half-decent :)  

Yes - We are both completely passed out!

This is my most happy mom/baby moment :)
Elena - a couple days old

Elena - 3 months old

Elena - 3 months old

Elena - 2 months old - I LOVE IT!!!

5) Babywearing!!  I didn't get a chance to wear Elena as much as I did Leo.  Well - we probably just didn't get out as much :)  But when we did I ended up using the stroller.  I plan on wearing this little baby a lot more!

Leo - 2 months old

Leo - 5 months old in Texas

Even Jason got in on the babywearing!

4) Dress-up!!!!  Until they are old enough to wipe their own butts, I reserve the right to dress them up however I please :)

Leo - 3 months old

Leo - 4 months old

Elena - 1 month old

Elena - 6 weeks old

Elena - 5 months old

3) Although I wouldn't mind skipping the "teething" thing completely, I LOVE that babies have toothless grins!!!

Leo - 9 months old

Elena - 2 months old
Elena - 4 months old

2) Rosy red cheeks - Need I say more????

Leo - 4 months old

Elena - 4 months old

1) First place is a tie - I am equally as excited about introducing the kids to their new sibling...

...as I am about drinking wine...from a box :)

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