7 Quick Takes (#17)

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1) Okay, just one more documentary to add to the list that I discovered a couple nights ago.  And this is your basic, feel-good, I want to meet that man and shake his hand documentary, complete with the best soundtrack in the world.  Still Bill the Documentary is available on Netflix.  I never knew anything about Bill Withers but now that I do, I wish I were his neighbor so I could have him over for dinner...every night.  I just love him!!  He has a very unique story and an even more unique outlook on life that didn't get corrupted by Hollywood.  Justin Bieber should take notes from this man.

2) It only took a few days for them to find alternative uses for their kitchen ;)

Leo had so much fun he tried to convince Elena to give it a try...

She said: You're crazy!  Get back in your crazy person cell!!

3) I think I'm going to have to find some newborn Toy Story jammies so the new baby can join in on all the fun Woody and Buzz are having in their new jammies!!

4) Speaking of Buzz and Woody...We love our Buzz and Woody action figures.  Elena spends a lot of time "flying" them through the house (complete with the sound effects!)

Anytime Elena does anything, Leo has to jump in...usually with a sword and some sort of head piece...

An unsuspecting Elena continues her game...

She is still happily running in circles without a clue of what is behind her... 

But then she figured it out and in a moment of panic, threw Buzz and Woody across the floor!  I think her instincts were dead-on.  She threw them to the bad guy in the hopes that she could make a clean getaway!!!

It's not that he's such a good guy - he just knows that the game is over when she stops running.

So he helped her gather her friends so they could continue :)

Let the games CONTINUE!!!!

5) I was driving home with the kids from a long morning workout at the Chick-Fil-A playplace.  Leo announced that it was his "bad guys" birthday.  The bad guy is a tiny medieval soldier action figure with a sword and a helmet.  He demanded that we sing happy birthday to the bad guy...the whole way home.  And even though this may have sounded like a ridiculous request, I couldn't help but think that it was not nearly as ridiculous as the some of the requests I got from my co-workers on a weekly basis back in my corporate America days.  I sang with GUSTO the entire way home!!!!

6) We are in the beginning stages of looking into preschool programs for Leo...I sometimes try to imagine dropping him off for preschool but all I can see floating in my head is me waving goodbye from the sidewalk to this face!!

I know, I know.  I'm not the first mom to have to send their kid off somewhere.  Hell - some moms have to do it way earlier when their children start daycare as wee babes.  

But I just can't imagine this guy....

Thriving on his own somewhere without me!!

Okay so I'm being a bit dramatic with the photo choices but I am just surprised that it is time to discuss preschool already.  He wouldn't start until the fall if we even decided to send him somewhere.  I'll probably end up keeping him home and doing some sort of homeschool preschool.

You know - the one for special kids ;)

7) And I leave you with some of my new favorite photos :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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