Oh Christmas Tree!

Well, you already saw how we acquired our Christmas Tree this year.  But that was just the half of it.  We still had to get it home and put it up!

Elena is a perfectionist.  She trimmed all the wayward branches.

Ahh yes - Leo, also the perfectionist, strategically positioned all the ornaments...

...on one branch

This tree is quite large and majestic.  We didn't intend it to be so big, we just bought the cheapest one :)  Perhaps I should show you the evolution of our Christmas trees over the years???

Well okay then!!!!  Our first Christmas was spent in Texas chasing cows when I was 3 or 4 months pregnant so we skipped the tree.

The following Christmas was our first with decorations - so we spent the moolah on the decorations and bought a cheap shrub for a tree (it was an "either" "or" situation).

But that shrubbery looked damn good when lit up!!!

We stepped it up a LOT for 2009!!  (2 months away from meeting Elena!)

And the trees have been getting bigger ever since.

We just don't have any ornaments to put on them!!  I have a feeling when the kids are in school we'll remedy that :)

Now back to this year:


Yup - the obligatory "stockings as socks shot"

And hats :)

Jason and I received this really cool nativity scene from my Aunt and Uncle for our wedding

...waaaaaiiiitttttt a minute...

We also have this awesome manger scene but half the characters are dispersed throughout the house.  It's okay though since we substituted with the disciples and one of the three little pigs????

One of my favorite items is this nutcracker.  It's not that exciting, I know.  HOWEVER!

Whenever I see this red and blue nutcracker, all I can see in my head is an 18-month-old Leo 

This is the mental reference I get every time :)

Now that the house is decorated and some wrapped presents are waiting patiently under the tree for Christmas morning, the kids have been trying their best to behave and do all their chores without complaint.

They are even being sweet to each other rather than fighting all the time!! 


There is always room for improvement...

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