Random Thoughts and a Moneymaker Idea for you Seamstresses

I have a few random things to throw out there.

First: Daylight savings time will NEVER make sense to me.  My kids are doing okay...kind of.  I'm doing much better than they are.  But that's because I know how to read a clock.  They are in a world of confusion and coming down a few minutes after their nap has started to ask for dinner.

Second: We had a fantastic weekend.  We spent all day on Saturday at an Irish Dance Feis (pronounced fesh).  It is an Irish dance competition.  Think Lord of the Dance.  But little kids instead of adults.  And all the girls look like this girl:

As my brother-in-law stated, it's like a Shirley Temple convention but all the girls have wigs.  The wigs are kinda mandatory if you want to end up dancing alongside The Lord of the Dance - who coincidentally will be my uber-talented nephew in a few short years.  He is a beast.

Moving on to the point of the story: If you are a seamstress and you would like to make some real money, take a look at the world of Irish Dance dresses!

Credit at Dance-Again.com
That blue number above?  If you knew how to whittle something like that, you would win a whopping $1,200!!!!  The used dresses we saw ran between $300-$1000!  It was unreal.  If you aren't a pro seamstress yet, try your luck at sewing the boys vests.  You can still get above $300 for one of those bad boys.  UNREAL!!!  Check out all the dresses listed on their Facebook page.  It will astound you!

Third: I find it really hard to take pictures and blog when my hands are full all day long:

I have big plans for this little number.  I am beyond obsessed with knitting/sewing/crocheting right now.  I am actually completing things so it motivates me a bit more.

Until this project is completed I'm going to be completely distracted.  Hopefully daylight savings time is treating the rest of you a little better than us :)

And if you are having as much trouble as us - chocolate fixes everything

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