Happy Birthday Granny!!!!

Happy Birthday Granny!!!!!

Granny and Papa live in Texas and we don't get to see them very often.  Sadly we won't be with them for the holidays this year since I am pregnant.  2+ days in a car at 8 months pregnant???  Nah...

But!  I have two special things to share.  In honor of Granny's birthday, we will share Elena's newest "trick".

Kisses!!!  All you have to do to get her to pucker up is say "Bye Elena!!" and she doesn't miss a beat.

Allow Leo to demonstrate:

Does it get cuter than that??? 


Jason told them to smile as big as they could for a Happy Birthday Smile for Granny!!! 

Hugs and kisses to you Granny!  We hope you have a fantastic birthday and we love and miss you.

Lastly - a proper Happy Birthday wish.  However, there are three takes and I couldn't decide which was the best.  I am completely incapable of being decisive when it comes to my own children.  So here are your three happy birthday songs :)

Happy Birthday Granny - Take 1!

Happy Birthday Granny - Take 2!

Happy Birthday Granny - Take 3!

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