Snoctober...Octsnowing...uh...How 'bout just Snow in October

I heard there was snow coming for our area.  But honestly I didn't put too much stock in it.  Our area never really gets that much snow.  Except for the week I was due with Elena when the heavens opened up and 4 feet of snow fell on us.

Our front yard - February 2010

We were okay though - Jason told all our neighbors that all he needed was a bucket of hot water and a flashlight and he could deliver the baby himself...and maybe some duct tape.

Anyway, on Saturday morning we were sleeping soundly in our bed when we heard a thunderous roar coming our way.  It was high-pitched mixed with the sound of stomping.  Jason and I opened our eyes and looked over to see a blurry image of our son frantically jumping up and down and screaming something unintelligible.

It took at least 5 tries for us to decipher the gobbledy-gook coming out of his mouth.  We finally figured out that he was screaming, "MOM DAD NOWING! NOWING OUTSIDE! NO! NO!"  I translated for Jason and our heart rates traveled down to a somewhat normal range.

I still can't get over how excited he was for the snow.  It makes me feel silly looking back on when he was a little guy and we tried to show him the snow and get him all revved up.

He was just too little to truly appreciate the excitement of snow.  Apparently, at 3 1/2, he is now old enough to get super pumped for snow all on his own without hovering parents :)

So this time around, we didn't worry about getting Elena all excited for the snow.  We just let her show us her "funny faces" while I took photos :)

Leo was screaming something about going out to play in the snow.  It was 7:30 in the morning and we ALL know that wasn't happening.

But after a couple cups of coffee and scrounging for some "snow clothes" in October, we were able to get outside for a few minutes.

This photo might need an explanation - Elena fell on her butt in the wet snow so she proceeded to do the "Butt Dance" - a staple move in our house

And of course the obligatory Hot Chocolate shot :)  

And since Kat requested - here is the video of the Butt Dance!!

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