Coffee = Necessity...Clothes = Luxury??

About two weeks ago, Leo had a really rockin' belt.  Jason shortened an old belt he used to wear and sized it to fit Leo.  It was reversible - brown/black and it was awesome.  So awesome that it was one of Leo's favorite toys.  Now, Leo's belt is lost somewhere in the grass around the Greater Washington DC area.

I had every intention of purchasing a new belt for Leo.  In fact, it was on my to-do list this morning.

So, why is he now wearing a woman's belt around his waist??

Jason and I woke up, commanded the coffee machine to do its magic and nothing happened!!!  

We just can't function around here without our coffee..

It only took us an hour and half to pull ourselves together, put on decent clothes, find the keys and we were off to the store.  We purchased a new coffee machine and righted all the wrongs in the world.

That brings us back around to the belt.  Unfortunately for Leo, according to our Budget Spreadsheet, coffee trumps clothing in this house.  So, he got the short end of the stick.  We dug around the closet for an old belt, and found my old college belt with the cute flower design.  With shaking fingers from 10 cups of freshly brewed coffee, I cut out the beige thread that formed the pretty flowers and VOILA!!  A belt!!

Sorry kid...I guess now it's even more important that I buy nail polish remover to get that violet nailpolish off your toes (WHAT!?!?  How do YOU get your kid to sit on the potty when he doesn't want to???)

We DID have an awesome consolation prize for him though:

A BRAND NEW TOY!!!  A fully-equipped coffee pot!!  Looks just like the real thing!!!

He quickly got to work brewing mom a fresh pot o' coffee and served it up :)

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