Toy Gun 2.0

Last week at the Dollar Store, Jason found Leo another toy gun.  Dollar Store guns are not exactly renowned for their sturdiness, however, Leo had this exact gun model when he was a wee babe and remembered exactly what to do with it.

Cowboy's can't just pick up a gun and shoot.  They have to prepare the entire ensemble in order to have an effective shot.  Boots, horse, gun - he knows how to do it right.

When we found out Leo was a boy, Jason was ecstatic.  I'm not sure if we stopped for the toy gun on the way home from the doctor's office or if we waited until after lunch to go get it. 

...and you can see that Leo always knew that a cowboy boot was an essential part of the costume - He just had to improvise a little!

Excuse me while I go smother my baby in kisses :) 

And I'm only crying because I'm pregnant...and he's so flippin' cute.


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