7 Quick Takes (#6)

1) Leo has been playing musical beds this week.  The other day I went to get Elena after her nap and realized Leo's bed was empty.  I panicked for only a minute until I peeked in my bedroom:

You got caught little man!!!! 

2) Man CAN live on caprese salad alone...This is all I have been able to eat for lunch for the last 2 weeks straight.  Now if only I could grow mozzarella cheese in my backyard, I would be set!!!

3) Elena has a "default" face.  It's her "go-to" when she doesn't know what to do.  This is her happy face, sad face, nervous face, shy face, excited face, silly face, etc.  She only does it when there are people other than Leo, Jason or myself in the room.  Look at those lips!!! 


4) I stumbled upon a Washington Post Human Interest article yesterday How a D.C. area family with 11 children, ages 12 through 1, makes it work.  I was SOOOO pumped to see my high school math teacher!  Ms. Cook!!  Surrounded by her husband and 11 children.  She was, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite teachers.  It helped that I love math - but her teaching style was just so easy to get along with.  Every day, she came in, asked if we had a question about homework.  Questions almost always lasted 10 minutes.  Then the lesson began and it was exactly the same format as the previous day.  It was stability at it's best.  And I appreciated it.  If anyone could handle 11 children, believe me - it was Ms. Cook (now Mrs. Kilmer).
I read the article and loved it.  Then I accidentally read the comments.  Oh how NASTY people can be when their identities can be kept anonymous by the world wide web!!  The general consensus - People hate children.  Not all people hate children - but the people who commented on this article hate children.  If these people really want to live in a communist state where procreation is regulated by the government - please move to China.  We won't miss you...PROMISE!!! 

5) I was grinding flour the other day...you would think I don't feed them with the way they were digging into the flour...

6) Elena. Loves. Woody.  Period.

She even tries to dress like him

7) One of our very closest friends was ordained a priest a couple weeks ago.  Jason flew down to Texas to celebrate for the weekend and the pictures were just posted online!
(Jason, Father Brandon, and Eric - the Three Amigos)

In the interest of nostalgia and the need for a trip down memory lane - I thought it important to go back a little in time to our Semester Abroad in Europe in 2005.

Throwing popcorn Eric & Jason - Austria, February 2005

Tough guys - Jason, Eric and Brandon, Barcelona April 2005
(They are going to KILL ME for this photo!!!!)

Waiting on the girls to catch-up - Jason, Eric and Brandon - Fatima April 2005

Salzburg, Austria!  Coldest day of our lives!!  Eric, Brandon and Jason - February 2005 - We were freezing our bums off in Salzburg with no idea where to go or what to do.  We were cold, hungry, frostbitten and lost.  An older gentleman stopped us on a dark street and asked us to follow him.  We landed in this place!!!!  Cold beer and warm food.  Happiness and joy!

Rome, Easter 2005 - Jason, Eric and Brandon - They looked like Morman missionaries :)

The night we thought we would die.  12 hours sitting like this on a train from Barcelona to Madrid. 

Easter Sunday Mass outside the Vatican with Pope John Paul II!!!  April 2005

Barcelona Beach - April 2005, My roomate Emily and the boys

Waterfall behind our campus in Gaming, Austria - April 2005

Fast forward to 2011 - Father Brandon

 Eric and his wife Brooke and their two daughters Clare and Maggie!

But really - not that much has changed ;) 

Congratulations Father Brandon!!!  Come visit us soon!!!

Visit Jen over at ConversionDiary for the complete listing!

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