How to make Kefir

Okay - so you saw my guest blogpost by Jennie at about Kefir for Dummies.  You either think I'm completely insane, or you are mildly curious.

Well, to satisfy your curiousity, I will show you how to make Kefir.  You can buy the kefir grains for about $17 through Cultures for Health.  Or, get some from a friend since they divide and multiply!!!

Grab a clean glass quart jar, a strainer, and empty bowl and your cultured grains.

Strain the grain and pour out the old kefir.

Every three to four times you strain it, you can rinse it under filtered water.  I heard that metal might hurt the grains so try to use a wood spoon if you can.  We'll see if I kill my grains using this metal strainer???

Put the grains in the quart glass jar and fill the jar with raw milk leaving about an inch or more at the top.

Seal the jar and place it somewhere safe for about 12-18 hours.
(Leave the pantry door open so you don't forget about your kefir!!!)

After 12-18 hours, scoop out the kefir with a wooden spoon and pour some kefir liquid in with it.  Place both jars in the fridge until you are ready to make something delicious!!
(Ignore the small child on the table.  I assure you she is safe.)

Like a Banana-Grapefruit-Strawberry Kefir Smoothie!!!

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