Now entering: Phase Superhero!!

I won this cape on a giveaway recently from Powercapes - a company that makes personalized Superhero capes. 

We were a little worried when we pulled it out for Leo... 

...he just didn't like it at all.

But seriously, this cape is amazing.  It instantly transformed my child into a Superhero.  He is capable of doing all sorts of things he was once unable to do!!!  Captain Destructo is a thing of the past! 

Now entering Phase Superhero!!

He clears a path for those unable to move about easily.

He pushes huge carts through Costco with ease!! 
(Chocolate-covered babies and all!!)

He rescues needy animals

He eats healthy foods to maintain his superhero abilities!!

His senses are so keen that when an item is misplaced

...And possibly in dangerous hands...

And could even be used for *GASP* evil?!?!?!

He swoops in to diffuse the situation!!!

And restore all peace and order in the world!!!

His strength so mighty he is able to lift cars with ease!!!

Errrr...Try that again...
His strength so mighty he is able to lift cars with ease!!!!

His skills so vast he scoffs in precarious situations

His powers so versatile, he is able to leap a single bound!!

His training so thorough, he is always alert and ready to jump into action!

His goodness so deep, he is always ready to help the common man

His manners so well-formed, he ALWAYS returns the cart!

Rest-assured that this Superhero doesn't take coffee breaks!

Ever-willing to lend a helping hand,

My superhero is always ready and willing to welcome you...

...with open arms!!

And because everyone needs a superhero in their life...

I insist that you check out Powercapes for your Superhero!!


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