"Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning"

(Quote by Thomas Edison)

Remember my post last week about my freezer and kitchen looking like this?

I was also at Costco buying all of this:

Well all that work was done ahead of time in order to feed a group about the size of this for almost a week:

And we were completely successful!!!  Between my sister, my brothers and I, we brought all the food we could ever want or need.  I want to do a couple posts about how to feed a huge group for a week including my menu plan and recipes.  All of the recipes were casserole-type dishes and most were prepared ahead.  We had very little to do in the kitchen aside from assembling the meals.  And the cost?  Less than $2.00 per person per meal.

So while I was out vacationing with my family...

...dinner was warming in the oven and ready to serve when we returned:
(I can't take credit for this night though.  The lasagna was made by my sister! All I did was mix the salad)

A few weeks ago, after we heard my mom's diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, ideas started swirling in our heads of one huge and perfect family vacation/reunion.  We went back and forth talking about it because it was completely contingent on my moms' health and after her surgery, she had a slow recovery.  But!  Last week her health was perfect so we decided to just go for it. 

My mom is one of 10 children and 6 of her siblings were able to travel from Halifax and Vancouver, Canada and also Michigan to visit with us for a week.  (Her brother Leo died when he was in his 20s and 2 of her brothers weren't able to make it.)  The idea behind the vacation was our promise that if they could all come on a whim, we would take care of the rest! 

My mom, 5 of her brothers and her younger sister in birth order!

By planning the menu, we were able to visit with our family and relax.  All the guess-work was taken out.  I posted the menu plan on the fridge and every time a small child (or a hungry uncle) would ask what's for dinner, I simply pointed to the fridge with my glass of wine in my hand and smiled.

So, I might risk the complete boredom of those of you who read my blog by posting about the menu plan in detail, but I hope to put this out there so others can do the same if they want!  I do promise a few blogposts will be about our actual vacation...but they will mostly be about food :)  If I don't post frequently, it is because I am outside on a walk trying to walk off the 3 lbs I gained this week!!

The menu plan:


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