Easy lunches to feed a large group for a week!


Egg Salad Croissants

My sister simply boiled the eggs before we left.  The next day, everyone chipped in to help crack the eggs and assemble the egg salad with a little mayo, salt and pepper!  We sliced some tomatoes and lettuce and put out some chips!  Easy as pie :)



We put out the bacon, lettuce and tomato, croissants, sandwich bread, leftover egg salad and the deli meat and cheese.  There was something for everyone!


Did you know that Costco sells a 4 lb tub of tuna???

My sister made a delicious tuna salad with this tuna, mayonnaise, chopped celery, relish and chopped grapes.  We served it with some watermelon.  We even put out the deli meat, cheese, and the leftover lasagna from the first night!

If the teenage boys in the house are happy with the amount of food we put out each day, we KNOW we were successful!


BLT's and Deli Meat Sandwiches
When everyone found out there was bacon involved, they ate the food before I could even take a picture.  BLT's were a home run!!


On Fridays in Lent, we abstain from meat.  So I prepared grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone with a secret ingredient...

My brother and his wife brought this huge wedge of Jarlsberg cheese which I sliced and included in the sandwiches.  Delicious!!

And that is it!  We prepared a lot of easy lunches that were crowd pleasers.  Aside from putting it out and cleaning it up, we had minimal work.  The BLT's were surprisingly successful!

Our biggest mistake was putting out the bacon as we prepared the other food.  Half of it disappeared before we even opened the loaf of bread.  I blame this guy:

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