Let's take a break to "De-Stress"

When I am stressed, I scavenge for chocolate.  Anything is fair game.  Right now, the house is almost completely void of chocolate, and, in order to distract myself from the soothing and fattening effect of chocolate, I am taking a time-out.  Leo is napping.  Elena is watching Ponyo.  And I am taking a look back at photos taken in the month of February.  They have an almost cathartic effect.  I'm still stressed out.  But looking through photos of the last month is like taking an hilarious trip back in time.  I think I have a camera addiction.  I should stick to it too.  It's far less fattening than my chocolate addiction.

Here is what this month looked like:

Elena learned how to make animal noises and animate her toys.

Leo discovered that my hoo.ter hider doubles as a magical cape:

This poor horse has been through a lot this month. 

Ah yes!  Let's give him a break!  It's the dragon's turn.

Elena's birthday is approaching!!  But I'm a little sad that it means she won't be fitting in her black heart leggings pretty soon.

Leo learned how to pick Elena up and "help" her accomplish activities he designs.  I quickly stuffed her arch-enemy into his "hams" and Leo discovered that she is easier to command than Elena.

I found Elena's doppleganger

Babies and puppies - does it get better?!?!

And we still LOVE to wear costumes, no matter the occasion.

Ahhh...I feel better already...

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