Dad's little helper

This is the face 
of a little boy

about to go run an errand with his dad.

We live in the suburbs, but we are close enough to the city.  Around here, people generally keep to themselves.  Every now and then, someone will risk it and make conversation.

An older gentleman at Lowe's approached Leo and told him what a big boy he was.  He told Leo he was being such a big helper to his dad!  Then (after making sure it was okay with Jason) he gave him a dollar!!

How cool is that?!  Leo isn't old enough to remember, but Jason and I always will.  It's easy for me to be nice to my kids.  But when friends or strangers are nice to my children, it really is the best!!!!

I wonder how much he could have made if I let him go to the store like this....??

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  1. cute. I have had a few incidents where ppl give my kids a dollar. pretzel receipe looks good


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