Coming up for air

Jason and I cancelled cable when we moved into our new house a year and half ago.  The major pro's of cancelling cable far outweigh the cons.  It took me about 4-5 months to get used to it and to stop missing the power of the remote!!

We found many options online to watch TV.  We found a couple major news stations like Fox News, we have all the TV series on and lots of other options through Netflix.  Netflix also has tons of kids shows and movies so Leo has some winter entertainment. 


1) We have no commercials to sit through!  That never gets old.  I always love when I'm watching a kids show and a feminine hygiene commercial comes on.  That's my favorite - no really.

2) Pausing things when the kids start throwing tantrums.  You can get right back to it whenever you have locked them away...

3) I no longer get sucked into worthless reality TV shows!!!  I used to love them but have been away from them long enough that I can't even sit through one anymore.  But since you asked - my favorite was Farmer Wants a Wife!  And I'll never understand why it only got 1.8 out of 10 on A entertainment I tell you!!

Okay I should be more embarrassed that I am...but whatever.  I definitely dig on some Survivor.  But this pretend "wholesome" "I'm not in it for the fame" Farmer show was so funny!!  Okay...moving right along.

4) I have no idea what day of the week it is b/c I don't really have that many "favorite" shows.  I watch them all whenever I want.

5) Due to the fact that we have no commercials, we have no idea what awesome movies we can't afford are playing at the theater!  I heard Harry Potter came out...right?


1) We found a streaming Christmas channel with Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer and The Grinch but we have to access a website that has some foul channels on it.  Some channels are gross and others stream movies from the idiot in the movie theater with a video camera.  Do people really enjoy watching that??

2) No football.  Jason tried to watch the Superbowl last year but so many people accessed the live stream that the channel stopped.  (Don't get me wrong - I love football Sunday.  But I'm only in it for the beer and snacks.)  Jason ran to the neighbors house...and I got to watch a chick flick...Wait just a minute - move this one to the Pro's!!!!

3) Nope...that's it.  There are no other cons.  I love not having cable!

Jason and I love finding awesome series after the fact.  We discovered Lost just after Season 3 ended.  We watched 3 seasons in 2 joke :)

We watched all 6 seasons of 24 in a couple weeks.  There was no "cliffhanger" for us!  We had complete instant gratification!!  The TRUE American way, right?? ;)

Our latest discoveries were Veronica Mars and Bones.  Finished all the seasons available in a matter of weeks.  It's like watching a 20 hour movie!  LOVE IT!!  And 30 did I not know about the amazingness of 30 Rock???  I just never gave it the time of day.  Now, I am basking in the glory of perfect comedic timing.

Which brings me to the current day.  We were plum out of shows.  Leverage was pulled from the Watch Instantly and we needed something new. 

2 Words: Prison Break.

The level of disdain I had for Prison Break was indescribable.  I was so above this show.  I thought you couldn't get more lame than a "I'm so macho look at my muscles as I dig me outta this here jail cell - Grrrr!!  I'm a big tough man don't mess with me!!"  Oh I was SOOO wrong!!

We started Season 1 two days ago and we're already 3/4's of the way through!!!  We're coming up for air until Jason has the day off tomorrow so we can finish Season 1.  I'm having a really hard time not pressing play on Episode 14...Jason will be home around 9 pm...can I wait until then????  I could just re-watch it with him when he gets home right?....

Oh, and if you're wondering what we do with the kids while we indulge in our show:

By the way, you really should go check out the Tasty Tuesday post over at City Wife, Country Life.  She's hilarious :)


  1. Who do you use for internet?

  2. I guess my picture was misleading - we do use Comcast for Internet. Verizon isn't out our way yet (they're cheaper) but when they get here we'll pick them.

  3. It's cool to see another family doing this. We dropped Dish Network a couple months ago. Our bill went up an extra $20 in fees since we moved here a year ago, so we decided it just wasn't worth it anymore. We really don't miss it. (I do miss the DVR, but I'll get over it.) We have Netflix and the internet to watch the few shows we did like when we quit paid tv. It's been an adjustment, but hubby and I both agree that our family is better off and we'd rather spend more time together than glued to the tube.

  4. We don't do cable either. But we don't do Netflix or any other internet tv. Normally we don't watch that much tv anyways, except lately when I feel sick in the evenings!

  5. That has got to be one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen. Metta.

  6. I have been trying to get my hubby to agree to this forever but he isn't ready yet...btw LOVE the picture, so cute!

  7. We didn't get cable when we first set up home after getting married. I'm SO glad we don't have cable-- we watch enough on hulu and netflix as is. Don't know if you're into British shows or sci fi, but Doctor Who is a favorite of ours and is all on watch now, I think, aside from maybe the most recent season. We burned through that show like crazy. And Battlestar Gallactica, also on watch now. Also sci fi.

    I think I need to take a lesson from you on how to watch with the kids. We haven't been watching anything together since she's been needing someone in the room with her while she's on the big bed. One of these days maybe she'll figure out the crib thing!


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