And I would walk 500 miles

She would walk 500 miles all around the house if she had pulled the long straw and been born first.

But she must navigate through a multitude of boobie traps and obstacle courses that change depending on Leo's mood.  She is very aware of the dangers that loom around every corner... 

...named Leo... 

We never can tell where he is going to pop out of next!

Anyone want to borrow a 2 1/2 year old boy for a few weeks???? 


  1. Oh my those are the cutest photos. I'm so glad I saw this first thing in the morning because it'll set the mood for the rest of the day! A great day appeciating the little things. Plus, I'll probably have the song 500 miles in my head!


  2. You have the most gorgeous children! LOVE those blue eyes!! Following you from Saturday Stalk blog hop!

    Coupon Mamacita

  3. He may be her greatest tormentor now, but he will be her greatest protector when they get older. He's just helping baby sis gain the strength she'll need to overcome life's obstacles later on down the road. He looks so proud of himself! Hang in there Elena...he won't be 2 1/2 forever.

  4. Aww! Little Elena looks adorable in her little blue dress!


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