Giant Eagle Catalina gone wrong

I pulled up to the check out line Saturday at noon.  To say Giant Eagle was packed would be a wild understatement.  I was in a bit of a panic since I left Jason and the kids in the parking lot to "whiz" through the store and pick up my items...30+ minutes later I'm tapping my foot impatiently in the check out line and praying that the woman in front of me stops chatting up the cashier!!

I paid and was waiting for the $2.00 Yoplait and $3.00 Always catalinas to print out.  She grabs them as they print out of the machine and trashes them.  I politely asked if I could have them and she said said the machine was broken and was only printing blank paper...$5.00 worth of blank paper?!?!

I asked her if there was any way to fix it and she immediately got on the phone for the manager.  After a few minutes, the manager strolls over.  Oh was...HERThe same manager who yelled at me for using printed coupons.  (I have since stopped using printed coupons that say "Do Not Double" and all is well in my couponing world.)  I braced myself as the cashier explained what happened.  The manager asked me to visit the customer service desk to repair the damage and I happily went!!  I'm sure the people behind me were relieved as well. 

Customer service issued me a $5.00 gift card and I was out of there in seconds.  And not a moment too soon - Elena was a wreck!!

Total $15.57 - Saved $40.58 (Plus $5.00 for my next purchase) 71% Savings!!!

I'm starting a little stockpile for the local food pantry with Thanksgiving coming up!

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