Fall Farm Days

It's that time of year - Paying an exhorbitant amount of money for your kid to

Watch squealing pigs run around in a circle 

Squeeze your big behind in a tiny little seat to get towed  by a tractor.  I know it looks sturdy, by I was very nervous I would break the axle on that sucker!  (It was worth it to listen to Elena giggle with delight!)

The train was a little to scary for our sleep-deprived son (note the empty drum seat in front of us).  Jumping on a bale of hay was a little more his style (remember...we paid for this...)

Awesome slide.  Everyone goes a little too far at the end and has the brown bum to prove it for the rest of the day.

Yup - we got stuck at the park for a significant amount of time.  Two year olds could give a hoot about a cannon that shoots apples when there are jungle gyms to climb! 

Once we hit the corn maze, I was sold.  Money well spent.  This maze was amaz....awesome! 

We lost him???

And there he is!!  Leo was in little kid heaven.

I haven't been inside a cornfield taller than my head since I was a wee lass.  This was too cool.

And apparently delicious :)

I could have predicted this, but by the time we stepped onto the tractor for our hay ride, Leo was in full melt-down mode and Elena was comfortably sleeping on my shoulder.  Rather than subject the other passengers to 20 minutes of torture, we exited the ride and will try again next year :) 

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