Deja Vu??

Elena discovered this little rubber ball and tried to carry it around with her with the only free appendage: her mouth.  (The rubber ball has since been hidden in a deep dark corner until she stops putting it in her mouth!!)

This brought back very vivid memories.  I have seen this before...I just know it!

Ah yes - there it is:


  1. I couldn't wait for the day when my babies stopped eating everything so my older boys could play with little legos! And now that we are at that point, I miss the stage you're in :)

  2. The grass is always greener!! I love this stage but it's soooo much work. With Leo I didn't know that we would ever exit the stage. With Elena, I do know that they'll lose their chubby cheeks and stop eating dirt all too soon :)

  3. hehe so funny. also they look incredibly alike! so cute!


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