Teething Biscuits

I didn't set out to make teething biscuits.  I set out to make Unbelievable Rolls courtesy of Allrecipes.com.  I followed all the directions perfectly.

They should have looked a little something like this:
(Picture from recipe on Allrecipes.com)

And...this is what mine looked like. 

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it - I killed the yeast...again...

So, I decided to turn these rock-hard biscuits into teething biscuits for Elena.

I just can't win!!  It's pretty bad when the same baby who happily plays with her father's sock

 makes this face at your food!

I'm heading out for more yeast.  I WILL master this!!


  1. I did something similar when my in-laws were visiting (of course!). I think it was because the water I added was too warm. My MiL was kind enough to tell me that next time I should stick my finger in the water and if I can't feel the warmth, then it is the perfect temp to pour in. So I will try that the next time :)

  2. Try, try again. I'm so impressed by all your recent baking. Good effort on re-purposing the rolls.

  3. Thank you for the tip!! That makes it sooo much easier. I put the yeast in boiling milk...there's the problem!

    Thanks Sarah ;) With my new "keep the kitchen clean" initiative, I've been more psyched about cooking!


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