Shortly after my son was born, my sister and I concocted a business idea that would net her thousands.  She has 6 children and they love my babies probably as much as I do. 

They do anything they can to entertain my babies:

They will play any game that the baby wants to play

No matter how silly

To them, my kids can do no harm.

I often go over there for my little "vacations" - the kids entertain my children while I relax.

My sister and I deduced that every mom of young children needs our "rent-a-sibling" business.  With older "rented siblings" around, the amount of work a mother has to do entertaining her children all day severely decreases.

Unfortunately, you will need to look elsewhere - these kids are spoken for

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  1. Love this post.

    I think the Rent a Sibling is a GREAT idea!! LOL


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