My 1st cow

 This morning, Jennie and I trekked over to Wagon Wheel Ranch ( to pick up our cow.  Here is what I made it home with!
(29 lbs of various cuts and 22 lbs of ground beef)

All the beef fit on 3 shelves of our freezer which is awesome!  This was the smaller end of 1/4 cow.  After a hassle at the farm to split the beef the way we needed it (it wasn't done beforehand), Jennie and I finally walked away victorious.  This beef is 100% grass-fed and raised locally.  It evened out to about $5.88 per pound which is pricier than we wanted, but we got a lot of great cuts of meat in there (sirloin, T-bone, etc.).  And, we know where it came from!!  (Now I just need to learn how to cook beef...)


  1. Cute blog! I'm new to blogging too and found you over at MBC.

    Ok, on the cow situation- We really wanted to do the same thing, but YIKES! I thought it was cheaper than that!

  2. It's $3.75/lb on the hanging weight (with bones and all) of the cow. So the actual meat you get packaged is about $5.88/lb. It did include some really good cuts of meat though. Some local farms offer ground meat only at $3.50/lb so we're going with that next time!


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