Mom vs. the kids - Day 4

Day 4 already??  I haven't even hit the beer/wine store once yet!  I might survive this week after all.

Leo is still sick and refused to eat all morning.  I offered him a billion things.  Around 10:30 he looked up at me all sad and said "Pancake?" 

Hey, the kid just wanted some pancakes!!  Absolutely!  When my kids are sick, I pull out all the want pancakes?  Well, get started then!

2 min later:

Instant transformation after he devoured the mean pancakes. 
He's a new man.

Followed by another melt-down at naptime.  Being sick sucks the life out of him!
And yes - I am bribing him with mini-Oreos.  I desperately needed him to drink water and they were the only thirst-inducing food he would touch!

Elena's not buying it.  She thinks he's bluffing just to get more Oreo's
We did score some awesome sales at Target today for arts & crafts. We got this stuff (plus the orange TV tray stool) for less than $10!  And the highlight of my day was gas.  I haven't seen $2.19/gal since my chunky heel and button down suede shirt days!

Now a word of caution.  If you happen to mention to your tubby-loving toddler that it is almost tubby-time, keep an eye on them that tubby-time doesn't start without you.
I think we can all say with confidence that Leo came out on top today :)

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  1. I love that bath time wasn't happening fast enough so you little self-starter took it into his own hands!

    I wish for that! Mine runs screaming at the mention of the word "bath".


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