Face imprints

After a couple hours of waiting for my uncomfortable daughter to load up her diaper so she could relax and catch some zzz's (yes, I was cheering her on) and laughing (and maybe pointing) at my son who temper-tantrumed at every chance he got this morning, I needed a little of this in my life:

I love their little face-imprints.  In most cases, this is the time when they are not quite awake yet and therefore...quiet.  It is a wondrous wiggle-free occasion full of smiles, joy and happiness when I can occupy the same room room as them.  (No, I did not lock Leo on the deck again...I merely held the door shut while I composed myself.)

Has anyone figured out how to tell a 2 year old that he is simply tired and hungry because he has hit a major growth-spurt.  While he screamed and cried because he couldn't get the last of the fruit snacks out of the plastic bag, I was laughing too hard to even fake sympathy.  This poor kid just let me have it this morning!!!
He might wake up from this extended nap a few inches taller but I don't care how tall he is as long as he's back to his normal self :)

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