Dad is home!!!!

All-in-all it was a very successful week.  I didn't lose my marbles until naptime on the last day.  (If you count hoping that they don't wake up from their naps until bedtime losing your marbles...)  The only disastrous part of the house is the kitchen.  I thought about posting a picture of it as a joke, but everytime I look at it I cry, so I skipped it.

Dad is home and let me tell you, Leo couldn't be happier.
(He wouldn't even let me read him his bedtime story - only Dad could do it.)

Here is a quick recap of our successful week:

We at nutritious foods

We always dressed for success

We did our chores

We had quality "family" dinner time ...(with Shrek)

But most important of all: When the children are in my care,
you can rest assured that they are 100% safe.

and well taken care of

Thank God Dad is home


  1. This is sooooo funny! I will say I am so proud of you because the though of my hubby being gone a whole week scares we to dealth!! Just the other day i asked someone if it makes me a bad mother if my favorite time of day is the second I close the door after putting them to bed! I sure love them - but this mama needs her time alone too!
    I am so happy you hubby is home and you made it!! way to go!

  2. Lisa this is brilliant! Just love it! And the pictures of Leo when Jason got home pretty much say it all. So CUTE!! You guys are adorable.

  3. This is hilarious!!! It looks like the week wasn't too bad, huh?

  4. I was busy watching David get hitched that day, so I didn't see this until now. Lisa you crack me up - and I'm sure Jason was thrilled by the recap of his time away from home. Each moment is precious, including giving oneself a bath fully clothed.


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