Disney has nothing on our magical lands

In the late winter, Jason started to go out back and clear out this planter box left by the previous owner. The weeds had grown so tall and thick they reached above our deck. After 2 nasty bouts with poison ivy, the garden was ready to be planted. This photo was taken May 15 and shows the tiny plants that were just starting to bud.

I am a city girl through and through. Although we belong to a crop-share program and get seasonal local-grown vegetables, I seriously underestimated the magic of gardens. After only a month, this is what we had:


At the ends of the plants were flowers (okay that's nothing new) but then sprouted these large colorful squash, green beans, tomatoes, etc. Jason originally asked me what vegetables I wished for in my garden but I never TRULY imagined that from an empty box full of soil and seeds this would sprout:

All of my wildest dreams have come true...
(And thank you Jason for all your hard work over these last few months. In real life, I am aware that it didn't all happen magically!!)

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  1. Nice garden. We didn't get around to doing ours this year. I really miss the squash and fresh tomatoes. BTW, it's nice to have a spot of communication outside of Skype.



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