The Reemergence of....STRONG MAN!!!

We have another Strong Man in our house!!!

If you are unaware of what Strong Man is, here is the birth of Strong Man - Leo circa 2009

Leo was just playing with a toy one day when he started having a seizure of excitement.  At least, I hope it wasn't a real seizure.  (Either way - I have evidence now in case a doctor ever tells me it was something serious all along????)

And after that, we enjoyed years of Strong Man material until it got kind of old.  But, during its heyday, Strong Man was a staple and we even made it his Halloween costume in 2012.

And every time Leo loved the food I made, he reacted with a hearty Strong Man

Sometime last month, Jason and I were playing with Roman and all of a sudden, he did Strong Man!  In typical obsessive-parenting style, we forced him to repeat it like a monkey in a cage.  (Children are solely meant for their parents' amusement right?  Part of the 4th commandment or something???)

As we drilled it into him that this particular action elicits tons of praise and adoration, and maybe even treats he started to do it on command. 

Now we spend a lot of our time yelling, "Roman!  Strong Man!" and sometimes we get a really good one:

Sometimes - notsomuch.

Here are a few of my favorites:

And my all-time favorite:

Because it reminds me of this:
(Which was the worst costume since only ONE person understood the reference!)

I am pretending to be too busy to gear up for Halloween costumes this year.  Earlier this week, I thought it would be cute for the boys to be Mario & Luigi and Elena could be the Princess.  But the store was charging $39.99 for one costume...WHAT?????  Do parents REALLY pay that for their children's costumes???  Flimsy polyester fabric sewn loosely together for a one-time use.  Now all I will see when I open the door for trick-or-treaters are $$$$$ symbols above their heads!


  1. We have all the Mario characters costumes for your kids when they get bigger! My kids wore them last year, after I scored them on clearance a few days AFTER Halloween the year before. That's the secret!

  2. Only ONE person understood the reference?! Are you kidding me?! Were you at a Halloween party of people who live under rocks, or what?!

  3. too funny. where do you get these ideas from...? you and your kids amaze me. like ummm what will Lisa pull out of her bag of tricks today?

  4. OMGOSH the Shining! Most hilarious Halloween costume EVER! LOL

  5. Kind of scary how much Jason looks like Jack Nicholson in that scene!


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