Children ≠ Productive Blogging

I'm not the only blogger with three small kids.  Leo isn't even small anymore.  He's almost five!  But seriously, do you all duct tape your children to their chaires?  I am finding it dang near impossible to string together a few words without the keyboard getting smashed by the little feet of my biggest fan.

Make that fans.  Plural.

I'm in constant demand over here.   And it's not a bad thing.  But it sure puts a damper on blogging.  Especially when my only chance is between 8 and 10 pm.  

At this very moment, I've got my biggest kid sitting next to me, cheek to cheek with his arms around my neck.  The littlest kid is sitting on my other side trying to smash my camera into my keyboard.  Probably to get a rise out of me.  It works.  Each and every time :)

Again - none of this is bad and I won't regret neglecting the blog for a while to snuggle small children.

Oops.  Speaking of - just ignored this one for more than 5 minutes 

and all hell is breaking loose...

I am always surprised at how many blog posts other moms can put together and it never ceases to amaze me that I can barely get the first photo uploaded without hurling small children across the room.

How do you all do it???


  1. I agree. I don't know how some bloggers write insightful thought provoking posts daily, while taking care of the kids, cleaning house, and cooking healthy meals. I can do about 1% of one of those things at a time. ;)

  2. I'm stranded on the couch nursing for HOURS every day, and *currently* my "big" kids (3 &2) are pretty good at playing by themselves/not pressing buttons while I blog (my 3-year-old laughs SO hard as he reads what I'm typing, which is usually whatever stupid thing he just said.

    BUT my blog posts are generally neither insightful nor coherent, I just have a whole lot of time sitting on my butt, so blogging is how I fill it. Once my twins are mobile it'll be a different story!

  3. My wee bairn (who is 4 TODAY!!!) loves balls of all kinds so I generally just throw a ball, type really fast, and throw another one until my blogging piece is done.

    Well... either that or wait until 9 p.m. when he goes to bed.

  4. My kids are older and I cannot seem to get an insigtful post out either! And they ARE in my head, but everytime I try to type at the computer, my 4 yr old decides he cannot live without me and, if my other two are doing school work, all forward progress stops. It is frustrating at times because I would like to blog more.

  5. I'm a night owl, so I do most of my blogging at night while the kids are in bed and probably when I should be in bed too :)

    1. Ditto. Plus, I try to write a week's worth of posts at a sitting, so all I have to do each day is edit and hit "publish". Also, my oldest is 10, which is a big help.

  6. second this thought. But ummm...little kids? Lisa, it doesn't ever end!!!!! The bigger they get the more demanding they can be. I can't even get on a computer when they all get home together.

    Anyway, the only way I get any blog time is Dora. But of course, that only lasts for so long and you know of course only bad mothers would put their kids in front of a TV. Besides, it is kinda hard to put 2 thoughts together when all you hear in the background is dodahdahDORADORA!!!Grab your backpack!!!

  7. Let's not forget that blog land only gives us a 1% view into a person's life. You don't really know what's going on behind the scenes. So cut yourself some slack and love those babies (and start saving up for a spa day, sounds like you could use it!)

  8. please post pics of them in overalls daily from now on.

    i only have 1. and she's a good sleeper. so i blog at night.


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