3 Reasons I Love Catholicism

Micaela at California to Korea is hosting a fantastic new link-up called "3 Reasons I Love Catholicism"

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 I love the idea and have so many more things than just three :)  But here are my top three reasons:

1) The Catholic Church is universal!!

You can travel anywhere in the world (did that) or move to a new state (did that) or just take a vacation anywhere in the world (did that too) and still you will be at home in your church.  When I traveled through Europe with Franciscan University, I never missed a Sunday service.  I could attend mass in:




Italy (Assisi)



Italy (the Vatican)


Italy...again :) 



and I could still understand everything that went on.  We never needed to shop around for a church we "felt at home in" and we never missed a Sunday mass even though we were no where close to home.  We are always home in a catholic church no matter where we go!!


(esp. of a person's tastes) Including a wide variety of things; all-embracing.
A member of the Roman Catholic Church.
universal - general

2) The reasonableness of it all.


When I was younger, I was a lapsed Catholic for a couple years.  The rules and regulations of the church just didn't coincide with my lifestyle.  And getting up on Sunday morning after going to bed at 3 or 4 am on Saturday night...well...


But instead of finding a church that allowed me to do things that were bad for my health (spiritual, mental, physical), I just found my way back home.  After studying why the church teaches what she teaches, I found it to be true and reasonable.  I no longer feel ill-equipped when questioned about my faith.  It all made sense and came full circle.  I no longer misunderstood the teachings on gay marriage, abortion, contraception, purgatory, asking for the intercession of saints, veneration of the Blessed Virgin, etc.  In Catholicism, you are given the tools to learn reasonableness, i.e. the church has good reasons for teaching what she teaches.  You just have to discover the why to understand it all.

And as I learn more about the faith, I can just ask my super smart husband questions that come up since he has the ability to read and enjoy books on theology that my tiny brain can't even comprehend :)  I barely make it past the title on most of the books in his library!
The Pedagogy of God: Its Centrality in Catechesis and Catechist Formation

3) The Catholic Church is one of the largest charitable organizations in the world

From Forbes:

Catholic Charities USA–still No. 3 and also in Alexandria–reported pulling in $1.6 billion of private gifts. Rounding out the billion-dollar-donation club is Feeding America. The Chicago-based network of food banks reported donations of $1.1 billion, most of it food.

As Catholics, we not only practice what we preach but we also put our money where our mouths are.  In the same breath that we are praying to end abortion, we are opening pregnancy resource centers that will help and support all women who choose to keep these babies.  As a global Church, we give to charities around the world.  We care for the poor, the sick and the handicapped.  Even our Catholic hospitals have a policy where they do not turn anyone away even if they don't have insurance.  With each natural disaster, Catholics nationwide give to Catholic Relief Services.  We do this because we cannot travel to help.  But we can fund all those who are in a position to offer relief.

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  1. Loved looking at all those European pictures! Your reasons are great, I love being Catholic with you!

  2. ok can I be jealous that you got to go to so many cool places?

    If I were to pick my favorite thing about Catholicism I would say I love how they don't change their minds about things while if you go to another faith they change their minds about everything all the time--I find that annoying. I want to know what I believe in not what I believe today then ohhhh tomorrow I might believe differently etc... like if say Pastor Dan believes in xyz so does the congregation, then Pastor Dan quits and Pastor or Pastress??LOL Sue comes along so the church now believes that xyz is wrong and abc is right...then Pastress Sue quits and now we have Pastor Mike who believes in everything...ughhh. No offense, but how can they just accept various "truths". So basically, I love that Catholicsm has one set truth.

    had to laugh at the Catholics for choice pic above...

    and on a side note--I know I have said it before but your daughter reminds me of Shirley Temple every time I see her pic with her curls...lol.

  3. Amen to your three reasons! And wow you've travelled! We've been to Italy and it was wonderful but one day I would love to travel more.

  4. I love all the photos of you at different churches. What special memories. We just got back from the Philippines (sorry it took me so long to get over here to comment) and really enjoyed hearing going to a Tagalog Mass. The "pig" meme made me laugh out loud and I almost woke my kids!

    Come back next month, okay? :)


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