Our Texan Easter Vacation

HAPPY EASTER!!!  You know the Easter season is longer than the Lenten season, right?  Bring out the chocolate!!!!  Actually - someone go to the store and buy me some chocolate.  I'm out...

We visited Jason's parents this weekend on the ranch and it was the most glorious visit ever.  It was also my very first Spring visit in the 8 years I have known Jason.  And I found out that I was missing out!!!  Early spring in Fredericksburg, Texas is amazing.

We also had front row seats at the tiny Catholic church in town.  We weren't late, but the only seats available were the 5 foldout chairs in front of the altar.  I spent the entire Easter service in the back with my tiny madman.

But the older two are getting so easy to take to Church.  Things are lookin up.  Not "I heard the whole homily and never uttered the 'shush' that even scares Father" up.  But we are making baby steps :)

Easter morning did not disappoint.  And Leo knows all about the meaning of Easter.

Me: Leo, do you know why we celebrate Easter?
Leo: Yes!  First the eggs hide in the grass.  Then I run and get them all.  And then I open them and eat the TREATS!!
Me: Actually...*attempt at explaining real meaning of Easter*
Leo: *hysterical sobbing*

Nailed it!!

Our weekend was jam-packed with awesomness.  Great Grandad took us out to feed the cows

Including a tour of the ranch.  This house was finished May 11, 1916

Jason and I would have loved to go into the two buildings to see what "treasures" were in there.  But Grandad said no way.  He did point to a cut out in the floor where they hid the moonshine under the floorboards though.  

Leo is manning the cattle prod just in case "Fiesty" over there gets a little too hungry

While Elena left a trail of treats for the deer...

...and soaked up the fresh air

I also begged Great Granny for a tour of her Canning Shed.

It is a small shed set under the rainwater tower and it is my new favorite thing in the whole world:

Granny apologized for the condition of her cabinets.  I assured her that we pay big money to have our furniture look half as cool as this!!

Look at all that awesome cast-iron cookware!!!!  *drool*

We also got a tour of her garden, complete with a handmade sign Great Grandad made just for her

Roman got to play with his two favorite people

We played hard

(Four Generations!)

We got a lesson in trapping

Played in the mud

Played with guns
*do I really need to specify that no children actually played with guns???

Threw large rocks 

And spent a whole lotta time with family

A Very Happy Easter season to you from us!!!


  1. they are so handsome :) happy belated Easter

  2. I love the last picture! Classic! Happy Easter!

  3. Love that techie picture. This just confirms Phil's statement that all kids need is a big space to run around. No toys, no playdates, no club activities - just a big yard.

  4. Looks like you all had so much fun! I can't wait to see you next weekend. I will have jalapeno and peach jam for you. :)

  5. Happy Easter! You make me want to move to the country with these photos . . . . love it!

  6. How great! What a fun weekend.

  7. It was great to see you Gales on Friday, and hear about what heav--- I mean Tyler is like. If you're interested check out covertfarmer.blogspot.com


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