Five Favorites numero uno

I love a good link-up!!!  Especially when I barely have time to blog anymore.  Link-ups give me a chance to focus my blog post into something when I can barely focus my thoughts on what to make for dinner...

1) The support I have been getting for the local foodclub!!  I can't believe it - but I still get a couple requests per week to join the foodclub.  We are already up to 40 members.  Aside from the foodclub, there is also a ton of support for local farms and businesses in this town and I love it!  Look how cool this photo is that the local movement ringleader just made:

the mosaics are pictures of our local farms!!

Our new friend here in town is the sister of Shawn Carney, one of the creators of 40 Days for Life.  She came in to Bible Study a few weeks ago with a box full of the new book written by Shawn and David Bereit!  I missed the first set of books but when she came in the next week with more books, I snagged one (and it's signed!).  It has been amazing.  The authors are so humble and it comes through in their story AND their writing.  They staged the book as 40 chapters and you read one each day.  Almost like they think their book is a chore to read and this way, you'll get through it all.  Not a chance!  I'm over half-way through and I started 3 days ago.  
I haven't read Unplanned yet, but did you know that Shawn Carney was the one who spoke with Abby Johnson daily as he prayed outside her clinic?  The day she decided to quit, she ran across the street to his office.  I didn't know that!!

3) New Gym clothes!!  We cashed in some credit card points for gift cards and I was able to scoop up some awesome new gym clothes.  Now I match all the other cool girls...except for the husband's white undershirt...

When we moved here, I lived right across the street from the Church.  I was invited by Brooke to join the Bible Study which I thought would be a complete dud.  You know - where you sit around a table and talk about how that Bible verse speaks to you and how you "feel" when you read it?  But I wanted to meet new friends here and thought this would be a great way to do it, even if the class was boring.  Anyway - I was WRONG!!  This bible study is amazing.  And if your Church ever offers it, definitely do it.  And if you don't have it at your Church yet - ask them to bring it in.  It's soooooo good!

We are currently doing Hebrews and James

This study made me realize how easy it is to fall into the trap of reading scripture and dissecting it apart from the whole which could lead to heresy.  But when you study scripture as part of a whole (magisterium, scripture, tradition) and in light of the Jewish faith before Christ came - it's like an epiphany each and every class.  

5) This guy:

Just this week, he started talking and communicating with us intentionally.  The other day, he thought Elena said "outside" so he went chasing after her yelling "outsi!" over and over.  He was a little bummed when they ended up in her room...

Sometimes he even tells me jibber jabber jokes.  I just love him :)

 Now go check out Hallie's post and all the other link-ups!!


  1. Sounds like wonderful at your house!

  2. If you don't frame and hang those pictures of R

  3. I am so jealous of your food club! We're hoping to find something similar around here, but haven't had much luck so far. Any tips on where I can look?

  4. I have never even heard of a food co-op before u. Is it just all local farms that get together or is there more to it. I know u have been mentioning it but I haven't fully understood all of it.

    anyway--did u get a new camera? Those pics are so awesome and adorbale. How old is he now? all of a sudden my LO is starting to understand as well.

    that book? I want to read it too and unplanned as well.

    I haven't read that particular scott hahn book but I have read others similar and yes--since I have I now see the whole bible as a whole versus before I never got that and only that it was parts but since I read him and those types of books i understand so much more--I think it was like 5 years ago that I started books like that. they should really have taught this all along but they never did in Catholic schools. My dd in 9th has a scott hahn book similar to that one for her religion class. Its hard for her and we work on it together. Did u have him as a teacher at Un of Stu.?

  5. LOVE all of these but #5 easily takes the cake. Oh my gosh! What a cutie pie!!!

  6. Yes, you should come over! But we probably live pretty far apart :) We could always have virtual tea and chat about stewardship of the earth. That'd be awesome! Our kids even look around the same age and we both have boy-girl-boy! So cool :)


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