7 Quick Takes (#46)

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1) We finally found all the pieces to this construction set.  The last time all the pieces were together...was when Leo opened the present many many years ago....

My heart skipped a beat when I walked in on Leo and Elena the other day

He doesn't even know his dad was a mechanic.  Or even what a mechanic is.  But I was so proud!!!!

Dickies and coveralls for his birthday!!!

2) This has been a crazy week in all the best ways.  Ending today with a yard sale at our neighbor's house!  I love meeting neighbors.  There are a lot of quiet and sweet widows on our block (17!!) but today we met a couple.  I picked up some old school canisters for fresh ground flour, and awesome cookie jar for dry oats, and those cute little pots on the left.  What should I do with them??

Leo and Elena scored a couple things too.  Elena is especially in love with her "Whoo-Hoop"

3) We took a trip to visit our egg farmer this morning to pick up our eggs for the week and she shared the tiniest little egg you ever saw with Elena (who is already obsessed with cute little eggs). She held it all the way home and safeguarded it for 2 hours while we ran errands.  Leo is holding one too, but quickly lost interest and gave it back to me.

An hour after being home, I remembered that she brought the egg in the house.  I got worried that we had lost the egg forever and it was going to make its presence known with a rotting smell in a couple weeks.

I asked Elena where the egg went and she said, "It's in the bag!!"

She nestled it in a bag of soft bibs to keep it safe and knew exactly where it was an hour later.

Look how tiny it is!!! 

(her hand. my hand)

4) Do people in other states follow the ammunition issues?  Did you know that the stores are running out of ammo so fast that there is a daily limit? We have had to go to the store every day this week together to try to get a box each of bullets.  You can either pick up a box for $20 at the store (if you are early enough) or you can buy the same box for $80 online...seriously so dumb!!

5) When we were walking into the store this morning, we saw this on the rock wall outside the store!

It was about the size of my hand and didn't move at all.  WHAT IS IT??

6) You know what bothers me about WIWS?  Aside from the fact that I can't participate until I can squeeze back in my fancy pants.  (SOOO CLOSE!!)  But also the fact that in the details, everyone writes "thrifted".  Will someone please help me out?  How do you score such amazing things "thrifted".  I assume that means "cheap" and I'm a fan of cheap!  I don't go shopping ever because I almost always have the kids with me.  And I'm a larger size than most so I can't just grab a shirt and run with it.  But if you tell me how to do it, I'll abandon the kids and go do it now if it means I can get half the beautiful stuff you all get!  Please teach me!!

7) This was a reallllly mediocre quick takes.  So I'm going to end it with a bang.  Here are some links worth reading

- One of my favorite bloggers, City Wife Country Life, just posted about this tumblr page: What Should Catholicism Call Me.  As soon as I finish my takes, I'm going back to read more.  Hysterical!!!

- Are you into awesome birth stories?  Rachel just completed her amazing story!!!  Start with Part 1 and check February for 2-4!!

- My amazing sister-in-law always delivers the best posts when she blogs.  And lots of pictures of my nieces which I love.  She surprised me with a bunch of new material!!  http://nobasementatthealamo.blogspot.com/

And  now go visit Jen for the all other Takes!


  1. #6- I get most of my clothes from the thrift store. You have to dump the kids, find a good thrift store and SEARCH. I have found some really great clothes at the thrift store. I got a great pair of gray dress pants for $2 last weekend!!

    Love the pictures of Leo! What a mechanic!

  2. Haha! I am a "thrifter", which means I buy weird, random things at thrift stores that often don't have tags on them or if they do it is some crazy brand I've never heard of.

    South Bend has an amazing array of thrift stores (I don't know what Texas is like with it) and it used to be the thing that I would go do when Mike let me go out without any kids: a coffee and thrift store perusing for an hour would seriously help my sanity. I haven't done it for a long time time- leaving him with 3 is much different, but as soon as Lucy doesn't nurse all day, I am DOING it! It is the best.

  3. #4: I live in the bluest of blue states with a Democrat supermajority in both houses of the legislature (for the moment), so no. :) If I was living back in Ohio, Minnesota (a blue state but one with hunters), or Montana, I'd probably be hearing about it daily. (I'm not completely anti-gun which might surprise you.)

    #6: I don't participate because it has been The Winter of Sick for Daniel and I so I haven't actually been to church except for the two services I went to on Ash Wednesday. As for the thrifted part, Katie of NFP and Me (http://nfpandme.blogspot.com) has written some blog posts on it and she is the thrift shop master!!!

  4. Yeah the ammunition issue is crazy. My husband and I check the shelves all the time and they never have what we need. It's insane. Distributers aren't even allowing companies that sell ammo to place orders anymore... they just get what is available and then they have to ration that. It's so weird.

  5. I also pick the thrift store as my "me" place when I can get out alone, too. Goodwill! Salvation Army! Woo hoo!

    The other day, my hubby found several boxes of 9mm bullets from when he was a police officer. It was like finding buried treasure, srsly!

  6. I tagged you in Five Things...

  7. Luna Moth. When we first moved here, I took pictures of every new bug I saw.

  8. omg the mechanic pic is SO CUTE lol we have that "car" too! can't wait to pull it out for baby 2


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