Theme Thursday: Piles

I was responsible and took my photo last week.  But I just was not inspired by it whatsoever.  Piles of Laundry?  hooohum....

So when Jason got home last night I said, asked him what the first word that comes to mind was when I say "pile"


Weeeeellllll, not exactly blog appropriate.  So you are stuck with my cliche pile of laundry.  (And with two kids in diapers, I easily could have done the other.  So you're welcome???)

And here is my final submission for piles:

You want to know something amazing?  Jason bought this camera for me almost 2 years ago.  I love it!!  I can take photos like this with it:

But I was most excited for this photo exercise so I could learn how to use the camera better.  I was forcing myself to use Manual Focus only on all of these Theme Thursday challenges.   But I would end up taking 50-100 photos of each thing because, no matter which way I turned the lens, everything was blurry.

But then, last week, I discovered:

I know I know.  It's not that I'm the stoopidest ever.  It's just that I'm nervous to break this thing so I don't like messing with it too much.  So for the one other person in the universe who didn't know that fact.  Voila!

Next week is Green!!  But to see all the other Theme Thursday submissions for this week, visit Cari!


  1. Best use of The More You Know graphic.

    And I love how the little man is so defeated by the laundry. Exactly.

    1. Everything that Colleen just said. But louder and funnier.

  2. you should also be able to set the focus to auto and use the functions on the camera to adjust your focal point - make sense? looks like the lens you have is Nikon so it should work.

  3. Laundry seems to the underlying theme this week~

  4. I love the action figure in front of the laundry. I'm imagining it's the Internet version of you.

  5. "$#*#!" (I confess to having the same thought when I first read this week's theme.) :-) Cameras are fun, even if you don't know what you are doing.

  6. Your action guy is awesome, and I think that is the greatest story I have heard all day, you are so generous for your honesty!

  7. I sometimes start in auto-focus to have the camera get me in the right general area and then snap a trillion pictures just adjusting the focus a tiny bit - it's amazing how much of a difference it makes!

  8. Well done! You know, you might be able to check out a photography guide/manual at your local library. I bought one at the bookstore, but it was expensive. :c

  9. Err'body hop on the laundry train! Choo choo! I feel so much better about mine now that I know everyone has them. Honest.

  10. I love how the action figure is just lying down in hopeless despair in the last laundry pic. Made me laugh out loud and almost woke the nursing/napping baby.

    Also, hello beautiful baby!

  11. ok nevermind.. duhh that answers my camera ? in the previous comment.


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