LOTR Halloween!

Sometime after Halloween last year, I noticed how Elena's messy hair always reminded me of Frodo.  Also, Leo was obsessed with the bow and arrow.  So, I made a mental note of a possible Lord of the Rings Halloween costume.

Leo's Legolas costume:

An old blonde wig I had but never used
His bow and a fake arrow (knitting needle stuck inside a cardboard tube)
A brown tunic I sewed out of the old napkins
A belt with a sword
Tight brown pants (...uh...girls pants...)
Wrist guards made out of the napkins
And a homemade cape

Elena's Frodo Costume

A homemade cape
A vest made out of the napkins
Pants sewn out of napkins
My old dirndl tunic
My ring on a shoelace
A sword

But something was missing.  Something very important.

(Or so I decided while drinking wine.)  

She was missing Frodo feet!!!

So I used a wacky setting that doesn't really exist on the sewing machine to make "hair" on nude fabric...

*I'll wait until you stop giggling to continue???

Okay - so there you have it:

Frodo - The Small,


and Powerful! 

Then, I was chatting with my sister over the phone about the kids costumes and somehow, she came up with a baby Gandalf on my shoulders and I was completely sold on the idea!!!!

So I sewed a white Gandalf hat for him and grabbed a white sheet!


I made Jason take a ton of pictures since I couldn't actually see it under that 500 degree cape...

And they are all freakin hilarious :)

I hope you all had fun Halloweens!!!!


  1. awesome costumes, esp. the gandalf one.

  2. Oh my goodness, these are superior!

  3. Major props! These costumes are awesome! I love the Frodo feet and Gandalf!

  4. could you see walking around with that through the sheet ? wow very inventive.

  5. LOVE THIS!! My kids wanted to be Lord of the Rings Characters, but I was not crafty enough to pull it off.

  6. So creative ... and hilarious!


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