Catching up

Now that Halloween is over...

we are in recovery mode around here

The candy is almost gone and we are all nursing sugar hangovers...

And what better way to work out all that extra sugar than a whirlwind weekend at Granny and Papas house!!!!!

For snuggles


The kids spent most of their time playing, zoning out to shows and tearing apart the house :)

I am nursing a bit of a cold now that started yesterday morning.  Leo also had a cold but snapped out of it super fast.  And aside from a my trusty roll of toilet paper, a cup of homemade broth and a lot of rest, I'm not treating it with anything else.  But I am treating myself to a day of Alias on Netflix and lounging...


Jason and I are ready with our hot tea and blankets to snuggle up for a date night of watching the election results.  We even spent last week getting our fireplace converted from gas to wood burning!

But we won't be lighting the thing tonight because we are still pushing 70 here! (I'm like a real Texan now talking about the weather all the time...).  I'm not sure what the weather is like nationwide, but it's still very warm here.  We have to put on the a/c during the day so the kids don't sweat during naptime.  

Last thing:

Roman broke out with an eczema-looking rash on his face and belly after eating some string cheese a couple weeks ago.

I decided to start a 2-week dairy fast to help his eczema clear.  Any other ideas on what the rash could be from?

The only other things he eats are carrots and apples!

The kid seriously loves him some apples :)


  1. It is so funny to see your kids in shorts and t-shirts! We are FREEZING over here with temps in the 40s-50s. Don't you miss the East coast? :)

  2. LOVE that sectional!!! Can't wait to see it in person! We are going furniture shopping tonight, hopefully we will have some luck!

  3. Nice couch - and I love Roman's victory cheer for apples!! My kids faces get like that when they get windburned in the winter - so I have no clue as to Roam's poor skin troubles, but hopefully it's the dairy. We're getting a Nor-Easter today (just had to talk about the weather to fit in).

  4. yeah I bet your loving those warm temps! Its cold here is all I can say.

    I don't know about dairy allergies my kids never had that but as babies they might have had rashes like that from fruits. Strawberries and oranges and citrus would do that to my kids...or maybe tomato sauce??

  5. ok he is the cutest. P LOVES chomping on apples (not that she has a handful of teeth to actually chomp rather than just suck on them). We stayed up WAY too late for the election results last night and I am BEAT


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