The Holy-Rolling Family

I am really so happy with the frugality of Halloween this year!  This pile of napkins:

Gave me a vest, a carpenters apron, 


These cool arm guards

AND a tunic!  

Check out that pose!

And there is even one more napkin left over for Leo to wear on his head with a rope as St. Joseph

It isn't like we have a shortage of costumes around here.  

The kids found one of our costume boxes and went to town!

But these are all just for playtime.  We wear this to the grocery store,...uh...that's it actually. We only go to the grocery store and Church...

But when I spoke to my friend and she told us that the Trunk or Treat at Church costumes should be saints, I freaked out.  And started googling.

Those idea sites are a GOLDMINE!!  Bookmark them for next year, and every subsequent year after that!!

As it turns out, not many other children were dressed as saints.  Maybe 1-2%???  Now we just look like the holy-rolling new family at Church.  

But they were an awesome Holy Family!!!

Baby Jesus taking off.

Roman's costume was really involved.  

It actually took a long time to wrangle his legs into that swaddling pillow case

The trunk or treat program was pretty awesome

It was just entertaining to watch Mary and St. Joseph do really weird stuff.  Like fish for candy.

The beginning of the sugar rush 

And the end.

I can't wait to do this all over again in 3 days :)


  1. Your kids are so cute! Awesome going on the crafty costumes!

  2. You are the holiest one EVAH!

    Love it :)

  3. lol. funniest pics ever. love the last one. looks like she is crying for more candy.

    those brown sleeves look just basketball sleeves that my son saved all his money to buy. 20 bucks a sleeve at Dicks. I asked what they are for and he said, "to play better of course". Um ok, how can a detached sleeve make you play better? But hey, if dicks sells them for 20 bucks surely you could sell them too.. ;)

  4. I can't believe how few of them actually dressed up as saints! I am so sorry we missed it, but your little holy family is adorable!

  5. They look SO CUTE!!! I can't believe your daughter kept the veil on the whole time!


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