7 Quick Takes (#25)

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1) Sometimes we have ridiculously good days around here.  They come at me by surprise now that I have 3 small children and I expect things to be crazy and hectic!  I had to take a photo of this morning just so I could log it and remember it when I look back on my hectic life :)

While I worked...

...they worked!

2) Roman is getting so smiley and he adores Leo and Elena.  They adore him too and spend all of their time covering him up with blankets, sharing toys, singing him songs, etc.  Again - I am taking pictures to prove that they all loved each other once :)

3) Elena has entered one of my favorite stages of action figure play identical to the stage of play in the Caterpillar Room of Toy Story 3.

As she smashes the two dolls together she says...

Elena: Wah, wah wah :( Oh you so sad?

And Roman is in my absolute favorite baby stage - the discovery of hands!

4) I guess it is time I introduce you to Elena's boyfriend.  It's been about 6 months and things are getting serious.

Allow me to introduce you to Ben and his mom Stacy.  

Ben is head over heels in love with Elena and Elena is lovesick over Ben.

Just look at how they gaze into each other's eyes

Jason is currently upstairs polishing his gun...

5) Things got really quiet around here the last couple days.  Leo and Elena kept retreating upstairs to play and I couldn't figure out what was going on.  I finally went up to investigate their new hideout: 

When Leo saw me at the door, he quickly yelled out innocently, "Nufing?" 

6) In a house with 5 people, one Alpha always emerges.  Over the last week, we discovered who the new Alpha is:

King Roman!!!!

After Leo crowned him King, and gave him his booger-sucker sceptre, he closed the ceremony with a bow

Only 2 months in and he rules the house!!

All were invited to pay homage to the newly crowned King

7) Leo used to be King around here.  But he had a sudden and abrupt fall from grace...

Happy Weekend everyone!  For more Quick Takes visit Jen!!


  1. So cute! You weren't kidding--I see a little Nathan in the sweet, smiling Roman photo.

  2. cute!! Have you ever tried to ferment grains? We are going grain free, but I am curious to ask someone who has actually fermented the wheat berries and I know you grind your own wheat, so I thought I would ask.

  3. Nice photos ! Your all three children are so sweet and so cute. It is looking good family and love between your all 3 children. Your are also looking nice with your children. really happy weekend.

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  4. Everyone looking so cute in this photos. This all picture are gorgeous. I like this post where I get see this amazing photography. I appreciate your work.


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