Elena: What dat?
Jason: That's a fla-min-go
Elena:  No.  Dat not falingo.  Dat horsie.
Jason:  Okay.

Leo: Mama - Can I have a hug?
Me: Of course Leo. Get over here.
Leo: Okay.  I'm gonna give you a big sqleeze.

Roman is the strong but silent type :)

The four inches of pollen on our cars has rendered us all immobile.  We have ear infections, fevers, coughs, sore throats, but still a lot of adorableness.  And no one is losing any sleep yet so we're going to ride this one through and come out on the other end of this ready to get back to the land of the living!!

If you call my phone and some deep-voiced sexy man answers - it's just me.


  1. I love the last sentence in this blog! haha! Hang in there, Gales! This too shall pass!

  2. "Falingo"...oh my word is that so cute! I hear you about the pollen...my husband has horrible allergies and has been out for the count this week! Praying you guys all feel better soon!

  3. Love the falingo discussion! Sounds exactly like something my Cecilia would say :)

  4. Hahaha... hilarious. The last sentence is totally me right now. Hey, I "awarded" you a blog award just so you know. Details are on my most recent post. :)

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