Homemade Christmas Purses to go around!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

  I guess I can be called a gift-giver because I really try to put a lot of thought behind the gifts I give and I appreciate any and ALL gifts!  It stands to reason that I would embark on a homemade gift adventure this season.  Unfortunately, I missed out on all my Christmas baking because I was up to my ears in fabric and yarn!  But I wouldn't change it for the world.  It was so fun!

Here is the bag I finished for my mother-in-law.  It was very soft and squishy, and the kids loved it.

It was partially finished at this point but needed the straps attached and the liner sewn in.

I decided to make a bag very similar to my own bag, but just a little smaller since mine is so huge.

I also decided to try making a pocket on the inside liner so she could have extra storage in there!

My first attempt at a pocket actually turned out without any seam-ripping necessary.  I felt like a superhero when it came out the first try!  (Most everything I do has to be cut up and redone once or twice!)

And here is the final completed project!!!

With a pocket that I'm kind of proud of :)

Since I had enough time before the Christmas deadline, I decided to surprise some of the girls in my family with little purses!  These are the three purses I sent to my grandmother-in-law and my sisters'-in-law!

It is all about a fun and funky liner!!!

These only take a few days to piece together and are so fun!  I used this pattern I found online, but I adjusted the needle size and the length of the purse to fit a 7" zipper.  And the crocheted flowers are from this Youtube tutorial!

With those mailed off to Texas and a few more days to spare before Christmas, I decided to spoil my 3 nieces with purses of their own for Christmas this year.  I have so many nieces and nephews that I couldn't possibly buy gifts for them all.  And the boys don't want purses so I think they'll survive...

They are still under construction here:

I made these three purses a little unique by adding something a little special to each one.  But first we had a photo shoot...

Then I had to explain the gifts.  (My youngest niece doesn't look all that enthused with a purse.  But I know for a fact she loved it!)

To each of the purses, I attached a charm from my mother's charm bracelet.  She collected a few charms as she traveled around the world and I found the bracelet when we were going through her stuff.  I didn't know what to do with the charms and in a moment of pure inspiration (thanks Mom!!!) I thought of jazzing up the purses a little.

(L-R) Monica got a pair of dutch shoes, Leah got a grandfather clock, and Kathleen got a windmill.

(You can see the Dutch shoes attached to the keychain in the picture below.)

The girls loved the purses.  Leah already filled hers up with her Christmas candy stash.  Now I wonder what project to work on next?!?!

Oh yeah...I'm having a baby in 7 weeks!!!  Maybe I'll just kick my feet up and nap.

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