I've died and gone to knitting heaven...

*This post was supposed to be for tomorrow.  But I'm so proud of this newest project, I couldn't wait any longer to brag.  The stress of this post resting comfortably in the drafts was making me eat uncontrollably, and we all know I don't actually have any food in the house.  So here you go :)  

The other day, I posted a picture of my newest obsession.  This picture was the tail-end of a project I have been working on for a little over a week.  

I can't believe the whole thing only took a week and a half to complete!!  But I was so excited to see the final product that I could barely put it down!  Initially, I grabbed the knitting needles and some yarn and just started knitting.  I had no idea what it would be but as I knitted, I decided I might have enough yarn to make a bag.  Turns out I had exactly enough!!  I finished the straps of the bag with no yarn to spare.

And, being a complete over-achiever, I decided to up the difficulty and do the trifecta all in one project: Knitting, Crocheting, and Sewing!  I knitted the bag with the Rice Stitch (I found it and learned it through this Youtube link!  I did the stockinette stitch for the sides and I crocheted the straps.  Then I lined it with an adorable matching fabric I found on sale at Jo-Anne's.

I even had some help from the kids...

Just like that kids.  Thanks.

This is the final product!!!!!  I'm so darn proud of it that I have been wearing it over my shoulder just to hold it all morning.  Finishing this project was 2nd only to giving birth.  I'm that proud.

The total cost was $3.00 + tax for the fabric lining!  Well...and a new needle for the sewing machine when I broke mine rushing through the project...

NOW what do I make?!?!  I had a bit of beginners luck with this bag since I had no idea what could go wrong or how much work it would be.  I also didn't follow a pattern or have any idea how the whole thing was put together.  Now, I'm nervous to start something without a pattern.  I don't want it to feel like it has to measure up to the cuteness of this bag!!!!  I have issues. 

But seriously - any suggestions for what to do next????

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